ASA 150 Gaskets

Gaskets for ASA 150 Flanges

standard pipe gaskets

ASA 150 gaskets are some of the most commonly used sizes of standard pipe gaskets. ASA 150 gaskets can be manufactured either as I.B.C. gaskets (sitting inside the bolt circle of the flange) or as full faced gaskets (with bolt holes) to cover the face of the flange.

All standard pipe gaskets can be made from a range of materials such as rubbers, corks, and non-asbestos fibres. The gasket material used will depend upon the application. For instance the internal conditions – what is in the pipeline (and so the temperature, pressure, and chemical resistance required); and the external environment of the pipe (air temperature, presence of chemicals etc.) If you need help specifying the material for your application then please contact us for technical advice.

ASA 150 Gasket Dimensions

This chart covers gaskets for ASME B16.21 150 designated flanges (ASA) to BS EN 12560-1:2001.

IBC Gasket (mm)Full Face Gasket (mm)
N-Bore (in)mmODIDODIDHoles Dia.P.C.D.
1 ¼3276421174241689
1 ½4086481274841698
2 ½651247317873419140
3 ½90162102216102819178

You can download the full set of tables for ASME designated flanges here.


Pipe gaskets are manufactured by using a tool to press-cut the material. RAM holds dedicated tooling for the majority of standard pipe gaskets sizes. For the larger sizes gaskets are produced in segments on an electronic cutting table and then joined together.

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