Gaskets for Metalwork, Construction and Architect Design

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RAM supplies flexible seals for construction and fabrication.

Flexible seals supplied for fabrication projects including;
• stairways,
• balustrade,
• roofing,
• window and door seals
• mounting pads
• buffers
• swimming pool seals (including pump equipment).
For larger scale production and spare parts supplied with production goods from 1 – 1000’s of parts RAM can provide consistent supply.

Sealing between different surfaces.

Gasket tapes and strips are supplied by RAM in any gasket material width/size and quantity. Strips with an adhesive backing can be utilised in many sealing requirements. Used predominantly to fill gaps and provide grip/resistance between layers, the quality of the strip is critical. The adhesive needs to be good and usable and the rubber needs to last. There are many variables in quality regarding foam strips and tapes. RAM supplies excellent quality every time. Glass to Glass, Glass to Metal and Glass to Wood, all require different types of sealing. Erosion, reactions and resistance are all areas that need to be considered when designing seals. Tell us your application and we will recommend a product/material to use.

Choosing the right flexible material for structures that withstand the environment.

Environmental seals alongside materials such as wood, glass and metal are critical to longevity and quality of the overall product. If the seal fails the whole construction is viewed as inferior. Don’t let your quality metal, glass and woodwork down through using the incorrect polymers for the job. Environments that use chemicals and chlorine call for a chemical resistant polymer. Chemical strength is often combined with fluctuating temperatures and pressures.
For example if a glass balustrade is fitted with a rubber protective washer as illustrated, the rubber needs to resist temperature fluctuations, sunlight, salt and air pollutants. Also, the glass will be cleaned with a cleaner, with different strengths. The rubber needs to remain in place, unaffected by these outside factors. The rubber must not decay, dissolve, crack or become rigid. Also, the overall good performance of the rubber should remain for as long as possible to reduce maintenance and increase the longevity of the complete assembly.

Gaskets for Swimming Pools, Pool pumping equipment and Glass Balustrade.

Swimming pools have the added issue of chlorine, whilst great for maintaining cleanliness, it wrecks havoc on seals and elastic materials. Silicones resist the chemical effects of chlorine however they are very difficult to ‘stick’, needing to be used initially in clean and dry environments. Maintenance of silicone in a swimming pool environment is difficult. Pumping and filtration equipment needs to utilise the best possible polymers, purposing to the longevity and performance of the seals. EPDM has excellent resistance to chlorine and RAM supplies high quality EPDM rubbers in varying hardness. Viton is used when stronger chlorines are present and other polymers are considered in other areas of the pumping system. Start your requirement conversation today.

Architect Designed Projects

Designed something unique?

We have no size limit for our gaskets and seals.
We proudly support individual designers with no size limit on our seals. We made the gaskets to seal Damien Hirst’s Shark tanks, using rubber resistant to Formaldehyde. We have provided seals for aquarium’s and bespoke swimming pools, large roofs, renewable energy projects, MOD and aerospace, balustrade, glass buildings and skyscrapers. If a design is unique and requires specialist sealing just ask us.

We often work on large projects, many which are unfortunately often under a non-disclosure so we are unable to discuss. One example, however is the Lord’s Cricket Ground Media Centre where we supplied a huge gasket to seal the glass frontage.
We have a team on hand to answer questions and discuss requirements.
Glass fibre, rubber, high temperature material. Different materials are required for different situations, start the conversation and we will help to solve your problems and supply your gasket requirement. Options and samples/test parts can be supplied at the design stage. Technical support is free.