Articles on Gaskets By Sector

Gaskets and Seals for Transportation

RAM Gaskets supplies gaskets and seals for: Sailing Boats, Cargo Ships, Ocean Liners, Trains, Cars, Vans, Heavy Duty Trucks, Motorbikes, Bicycles and One Off Projects.   On this page: Marine | Rail | Automotive Gaskets and Seals for the Marine Industry When choosing the material and designing your gasket it is important to take into […]

Gaskets and Seals in the Food Industry

On this page: Food Industry Approvals | Commonly Used Materials in the Food Industry | Manufacturing Machinery for the Food Industry RAM supplies gaskets for: Micro Breweries, Confectioners, Food Machinery Manufacturers, Processed Food Machinery, Food Testing Labs, Chocolate Factories Food Industry Approvals RAM Gaskets has over 40 years’ experience supplying gaskets and seals to the […]

Gaskets and Seals for Aerospace and Defence

On this page: Quality Assurance | Materials and Weather Extremes | First Article Inspection Report |   RAM supplies gaskets and seals for Aeroplanes; MOD and commercial, Submarines, Frigates, Tanks, Military Vehicles, Helicopters and Naval Vessels.   Quality Assurance RAM Gaskets is a certified supplier in the aerospace and defence industry. We have over 4 […]

Gaskets for Electrical Applications

On this page: Enclosure Boxes | Requirements for Electrical Enclosures | Material Types Used for Specific Elements | Enclosure and Screen Seals | Global Weather Extremes | Lighting RAM supplies gaskets for Electrical Applications, Electrical Transformers, SF6, Lighting, Marine Lighting and Window Gaskets in Electrical Applications. Material Types Common Material types used in the Electrical […]

Gaskets for Pumps, Pumping Equipment and Pipework

On this page: – Types of pump application | Pump sealing problems | Fluid Types | Potable water, WRAS etc. | Types of Pumps we can supply | Types of Valves we can supply | Using packings RAM supplies flexible seals for pump manufacture, pumping equipment, housing and pipework. Types of pump application. Pump gaskets cover […]

Gaskets for Metalwork, Construction and Architect Design

On this page: Fabrication projects | Sealing Different Surfaces | The Right Environmental Seal | Swimming Pools | Architect Projects RAM supplies flexible seals for construction and fabrication. Flexible seals supplied for fabrication projects including; • stairways, • balustrade, • roofing, • window and door seals • mounting pads • buffers • swimming pool seals […]

Gaskets for Agriculture

On this page: Corrosion Resistance | Paint Corrosion and Metal  | Chemical Resistance | Common Materials Used in Agriculture and Why Choosing flexible gasket materials for use in agricultural machinery. The choice of materials for the assembly and manufacture of agricultural equipment is governed by many factors, including resistance to weather, farm chemicals, temperature fluctuations. The […]