I have a question about chemical resistance

Gasket Traceability and Certification

Many gaskets require conformance for their application. RAM can provide conformance for any parts – just ask or tell us what conformance you require. Conformance can be supplied as part of the material type or the manufacture of the goods. Common types of conformance are; Potable Water (WRAS) approval. UL – UL is predominantly a […]

Chemical Compatibility & Resistance

Gasket Material Chemical Compatibility & Resistance Choosing the correct gasket material for your application is critical, especially in an environment where you may be sealing against aggressive chemicals, such as strong acids or alkalis. In this situation you will want to know which chemicals are present; and make sure that you are using a gasket […]

Chemical Resistance Charts

Acetaldehyde to Calcium Hypochlorite Nat Sbr Neo Nit Epd But Hyp Vit Sil Ptf Naf Grf Acetaldehyde B X B X A A B X A A S A Acetic Acid 10% B B A B B B B B A A A A Acetic Acid 100% B X B X B B B X […]