Gaskets and Seals for Aerospace and Defence

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RAM supplies gaskets and seals for Aeroplanes; MOD and commercial, Submarines, Frigates, Tanks, Military Vehicles, Helicopters and Naval Vessels.


Quality Assurance

RAM Gaskets is a certified supplier in the aerospace and defence industry. We have over 4 decades of experience in supplying quality, bespoke gaskets to customers worldwide. Over the last 40 years we have consistently supplied the aerospace and defence sector. We understand that conformity, certification and material and production quality must be to the highest possible standard. We can offer technical expertise in advising companies on the best ways to make sure that their requirement is up to standard. Our vast knowledge of gasket materials, design and production, means that we can advise at the design stage if required. Not only are our office staff able to advise, but our team on the factory floor are specifically trained in making gaskets for the aerospace and defence sector. We offer complete traceability and certificate of conformity on all of our materials so you can ensure your gaskets are being produced from materials with the relevant batch and cure date. Our quality system even allows customers to control how their parts are manufactured. We are certified to BSI ISO 9001 and BSI ISO 14001. We also hold the ADS SC21 Bronze award, and are fully able to meet the quality standards required to supply into the aerospace and defence industries.

We are in possession of a registered UK NCAGE number and DUNS number.

RAM also understands and fully engages with supplier management system requirements such as SABRe.

Materials and Weather Extremes

A vast range of polymers, rubbers and foams are used within the aerospace and defence industry. Whilst many material types are specified, RAM can source any material variants and certification to prove that the material is newly cured and fit for purpose. We have a long relationship with supplying MOD approved components. We can provide gaskets to withstand pressure from subsea or altitude, and also against extreme weather conditions.

We produce gaskets to your requirements and the turnaround is fast and efficient. Here at RAM we pride ourselves on our bespoke gasket manufacturing. We can custom make any shape or size out of any one of our flexible materials. We can produce any volume, to meet any criteria. Our comprehensive range of machinery ensures each part is produced on the correct equipment appropriate to the job. We are well aware that the aerospace and defence industry has a strict tolerance and our CAD CAM machines produce computer aided designed gaskets with a 0.5mm tolerance.


First Article Inspection Report

At RAM we offer FAIR (First Article Inspection Report) approval on all our manufactured parts. This allows us to have a totally comprehensive quality management system. We work with 3rd parties to test and ensure the products we produce meet the most stringent requirements for the aerospace and defence industry. We can produce FAIR approved gaskets if necessary to provide verification that the product was manufactured to the exact specifications required. Our First Article Inspection Report is carried out in accordance with SAE AS9102. We can provide documentation to prove conformity, specifics met, manufacturing and quality plans, material certifications and any special manufacturing processes have been met and carried out. Our FAIR approval falls into three specific forms; Part Number Accountability, Product Accountability and Characteristic Accountability.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch via the online form where a member of our skilled and knowledgeable team will be able to answer quickly and effectively.