Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions that we frequently encounter from customers:

•What is the right material for my application?

The right material for your application will be determined by what you are going to use it for. The easiest way to decide which material is right for your application is to use our Gasket Material Selector and Prosperities of Gasket Materials charts. If in doubt, please contact us for advice.

• What thickness material should I specify?

As a general rule you should choose the thinnest material possible for your application, as the pressure exerted on the gasket will increase with its thickness. The thickness of the material will be dictated by the state of the flanges in question, and the compression required to seal.

• How do I work out the Outer Diameter (O.D.) and Inner Diameter (I.D.) of my gasket?

The inner dimension of your gasket is the size of the hole or bore. To calculate the outer dimension of your gasket, measure the outer dimension of the gasket (the full diameter of the gasket).

• How do I determine which Class or Table of gasket I need?

The easiest way to work out which class or table of gasket you need is to consult our Gasket Dimensions Guide.

• How do I work out the Pitch Circle Diameter (P.C.D.) of my gasket?

The pitch circle diameter is the diameter that specifies the centre of bolt holes of your gasket. The P.C.D. is measured from the centre of the bore.