Services & Capabilities

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We can produce parts to any size, and in any flexible material. We offer the following services and capabilities:

Technical Expertise

We can advise on any products or services that require sealing. We have advised companies and design engineers on many aspects of gasket design, such as: material suitability, chemical resistance, temperature, pressure, and flange and metalwork implications. We have been consulted on the design of products as diverse as: robotic devices, specialist storage tanks, sub-marine installations, and racing car exhaust systems.


We can provide sample materials or parts to help you design and specify your product, as well as work out the cost implications of different solutions. We can provide full material certification and traceability should it be required by you or your customer.

Standard Pipe Gaskets

We can produce a full range of standard pipe gaskets for use with potable water, sewage, oil, or gas; and to English (BS EN), American (ASME), or European standards (EN, DIN, ISO). We hold dedicated tooling for the majority of flanges, and so our pipe gaskets can be produced relatively quickly and cost effectively. We can also manufacture any non-standard gasket that you might require, for any pipe or flange.

Specials & Bespoke Gaskets

The majority of our gaskets are made to our customers’ requirements and specifications. We can manufacture from sample, technical drawing, or electronic file. Our production machinery can manufacture straight from your own technical drawing file (such as a CAD or DXF file).

No Minimum Order Quantity

We have no minimum order quantity. We are equally happy fulfilling an order for one specialist part as we are for thousands of gaskets.

Medium-Large Volume Production

We make two million gaskets a year, and are capable of medium to large volume production. We can advise on the best and most economical means by which to produce the volume of parts that you require.

Express Manway Gaskets & Tank Servicing

We understand that certain industries, such as tank servicers, require specialist gaskets very quickly. For our account customers in this industry we offer a service of next day delivery (within the UK). This allows customers working in the tank servicing industry, such as those servicing fuel storage tanks at major airports, to complete their contracts in the shortest possible time.