next day gasket

Worldwide Shipping

We will ship anywhere in the world. We supply customers in America, Europe, Africa and the Middle and Far East. We are experienced in shipping goods all over the world and can arrange for products to be shipped to your closest port or airport.

Products can be sent by road, sea or air; scheduled to arrive to meet your production or servicing needs.

Short Lead Times

Our manufacturing capability allows us to offer competitive lead times on international orders. Orders can be shipped to arrive to meet your production of servicing deadline.

Flexible Shipping

We are happy to work with your preferred shipping company if required. Goods can be collected from us by your preferred carrier.


We can offer full shipment traceability through our carrier, for air or sea freights throughout the world.

    Our Commitment to Quality

    We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and we are certified to:

    • BSI ISO 9001: 2015
    • BSI ISO 14001: 2015

    We hold the ADS SC21 Bronze Award certification for supplying into the defence and aerospace industries.