We manufacturer and supply industrial gaskets to many different sectors. Each industry has different requirements, common problems and materials that are typically used. We have extensive experience of working with companies in many different industries therfore we are familiar with the processes and standards specific to each.

Choose from parts we supply to the: aerospace, automotive, electrical, food, marine, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pumping, water, rail, oil and gas industries.

Industries Overview

aerospace gaskets

Aerospace Gaskets

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agricultural gaskets

Agricultural Gaskets

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Construction Gaskets

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gaskets for cars

Automotive Gaskets

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electrical gaskets

Electrical Gaskets

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food quality gaskets

Food Gaskets

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defence industry gaskets

Marine Gaskets

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oil and gas gaskets

Oil and Gas Gaskets

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pump gaskets

Petrochemical Gaskets

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Pharmaceutical Gaskets

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Pumping Gaskets

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rail gaskets

Rail Gaskets

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water industry gaskets

Water Gaskets

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Our Commitment to Quality

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and we are certified to:

  • BSI ISO 9001: 2015
  • BSI ISO 14001: 2015

We hold the ADS SC21 Bronze Award certification for supplying into the defence and aerospace industries.