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    About Us

    Why Choose RAM Gasket Solutions?

    RAM have been manufacturing custom gaskets and seals since 1973. We have worked with many different national and international companies, in a variety of sectors and industries. Our industry experience ranges from advising on product design and development on sealing applications, to shipping large product volume to our customers’ production lines. Our gaskets and seals have been used in well known buildings, famous art installations, and prototype space vehicles.

    Technical Expertise

    Over the last 40 years we have developed technical expertise in advising companies on the best ways to make sure that their products are effectively sealed, and yet safe under pressure. Our vast knowledge of gasket materials, gasket design and production, means that we are often consulted by designer engineers in the design of new products, or installation of new facilities.

    Gasket Manufacturer in the UK

    Our manufacturing facility is based in Cornwall, UK. We ship worldwide and stock over 1200 different gasket materials. A fast turnaround can be achieved and delivery within the UK can be supported within 24 hours.


    We know how materials act in different conditions and environments. We have produced gaskets to operate in both sub-zero and extremely high-temperature ranges, for use in mining and sub-marine environments; as well as in the presence of extreme chemicals and corrosives. Our customers often come to us with technical engineering problems, and look to us for solutions.

    Specialist Technology

    We manufacture from the latest materials from some of the world’s leading suppliers. RAM employs the latest production machinery and techniques; and advise our customers on the most cost effective means of production given their specifications and requirements.

    Design/ Prototype

    We work with our customers to advise on product design and development. We can provide custom prototypes and samples in different materials, to help you decide on how best to specify your product or design.


    RAM stock and manufacture from over 1200 different grades of gasket material. The result of this is that we can offer products to different specifications depending upon your exact requirements. Our comprehensive stock of material also helps to give us a flexible production system.

    Quality/ Traceability

    We are certified to BSI ISO 9001 and BSI ISO 14001. We also hold the ADS SC21 Bronze award, and are one of the few gasket manufacturers in the world to meet the quality standards to supply into the aerospace and defence industries.

    Delivery/ Shipping

    We can schedule delivery to your servicing or production requirements. We ship products worldwide by carrier, sea, or air to your closest port or airport.

    Customer Service

    We pride ourselves on giving first class customer service, and being responsive to our customers’ needs and requirements.

    Responsibility & Investment

    We are an owner-run company. What we do makes a real difference to us. This is why we can give you our commitment and dedication to quality; you can be confident that we are there to answer your needs. We continually reinvest in our business, to ensure we utilise the latest technology to meet your exacting standards whilst retaining our competitive edge.