On Fridays we eat CAKE

It’s not often that RAM gets cake from its customers, but it happened last week from a very happy Netherlands customer specialising in IVF equipment. We really appreciate the cake and we accounted for your demand regardless, but the thanks was very much appreciated by the whole team.

On Tuesday afternoon we received a phone call from a woman who worked at Bickland Café in Falmouth. “Where abouts are you guys?” she asked. A few minutes later the buzzer sounded, and upon answering the door we were given a huge, heavy box. It was full of cakes. Chocolate brownies, apple turnovers, carrot cake with thick, sweet icing. Enough cakes for every employee, be it office staff or factory floor workers, to have at least one piece each.

Upon checking our emails we discovered this generous box of delicious treats was a present from a grateful and happy customer. We have previously had lots of custom with this business, which is situated not only in Cornwall but also have plants in The Netherlands and the USA. The present had been organised by the plant manager of The Netherlands branch. He had found a local bakery and arranged for the cakes to be delivered! He had also sent us an email explaining why he was so grateful to us at RAM Gaskets.

“Last week you did our company a very big favour; you guys reduced the delivery time of an order of gaskets for our incubators.

I don’t know if you know where our products are used but I wanted to share this with you. Our products are used for IVF procedures and we are the world leaders in our industry segment. So, decreasing the lead time for these gaskets means that somewhere out there a couple are extremely happy, because their chance of having a child just went through.

Therefore I asked the ladies from the Bickland Café to deliver these cakes for you and your employees today to show our appreciation.

A big thanks, and enjoy!”

We are so proud to think that our factory in West Cornwall has been a part of something so much bigger.