Gasket Traceability and Certification

Many gaskets require conformance for their application. RAM can provide conformance for any parts – just ask or tell us what conformance you require. Conformance can be supplied as part of the material type or the manufacture of the goods.

Common types of conformance are;

Potable Water (WRAS) approval.

UL – predominantly a US safety requirement mark for products in the USA. However UL ratings cover European kitemarks.

US-EU is a kitemark for USA manufactured products destined for the EU. There are different types of UL rating depending on the location of the product.UL provides Fire Safety and British Construction products with testing for UL, British and EN standards.

FAIRFirst Article Inspection Report. Often Aerospace and MOD require FAIR approval.

FoodSafe EU1935:2003, FDA CFR part 177 Section 2600 Allowable Substances,

For more information on gasket conformance please look here: LINK TO CONFORMANCE

For more information on UL ratings for gaskets and seals: LINK TO UL RATINGS

    Our Commitment to Quality

    We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and we are certified to:

    • BSI ISO 9001: 2015
    • BSI ISO 14001: 2015

    We hold the ADS SC21 Bronze Award certification for supplying into the defence and aerospace industries.