Why use a thin gasket?

Thinner is Better – for Sheet Gasket Materials

We recommend using the thinnest possible gasket in most instances. The reasons for this are:

  • Less leakage – smaller cross section of gasket material exposed to the internal pressure
  • Resistance to Blow-out due to the smaller cross-sectional area
  • Stronger compression strength contributes to higher surface loads able to be safely applied
  • Better bolt torque retention as thinner material has lower creep relaxation characteristics
  • Cheaper gasket as less material is used

Foam/Sponge Gasket Materials

Thinner materials are not necessarily better for foamed gasket materials, with foam/sponge materials you would look to achieve a compression of 1/3rd of the gaskets original thickness, different densities of foam can be utilised to withstand more/less pressure. There is a whole world of options so get in touch if you’d like to talk about your particular application and what would be best.

    Our Commitment to Quality

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