Agricultural Gaskets

Gaskets for Agricultural Machinery

The choice of sealing materials for the assembly and manufacture of agricultural equipment is governed by many factors, including: resistance to weather, farm chemicals, and temperature fluctuations. The type of materials chosen are because of strength, longevity, ease of manufacture, resistance to rough handling, and price.

The Agriculture sector utilises gaskets and seals predominantly in oily, pressure sensitive applications, including high fuel and chemical based environments.

Sealing in the agricultural industry must face many challenges, including: the environment, weather, seasons, and the heavy use and long-term storage of equipment. Resistance to farm chemicals, such as fertilisers and weed killers, is critical; with some chemicals being more corrosive than others. Changes in chemicals over time can cause increase corrosion. For example the decomposition of fertiliser, producing ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, and chloride. Acidic conditions, such as caused by ammonium phosphate and ammonium hydrate, lead to the increased corrosion of metals and rubber parts. Sealing against many different environmental factors is paramount for a good quality, well designed, product.

We supply spacers and seals for discharge chutes and crop processing equipment, including flexible chute liners and food safe materials. We can also supply heavy duty reinforced rubbers, for skirting industrial machinery.

Corrosion Resistance

Farming machinery manufacturers can increase the lifetime of their products, by designing in the correct sealing. Agricultural machines are often painted, but paintwork can corrode over time leaving the metalwork underneath exposed to the elements. Sealing weak points, such as exist points, can significantly increase the longevity of the product. Specifying the right sealing, and in the right materials, leads to a better quality design, and can reduce the need for recalls and replacement parts.

Chemical Resistance

It is important that parts for agricultural machinery have the correct chemical resistence. Different ratios of plant nutrients, liquid fertilisers, and urea can all contribute to the decomposition of seals. For this reason it is important that sealing joints with the correct polymers (rubbers) are used, as this will significantly contribute to the life of agricultural equipment. Specific applications will require expert advice, or testing. More information about the chemical resistence of gasket materials, can be found in our chemical resistence charts.

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