Construction Gaskets

Gaskets for Metalwork, Construction, and Architectural Design

We manufacture and supply flexible seals for construction and fabrication.

We have worked with architects and designers on many large scale fabrication projects, including the seals for Damien Hirst’s Formaldehyde Shark tanks, and the windows of the Media Centre at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Lords Cricket Ground Media Centre

We have also supplied parts for:

• Stairways
• Balustrades
• Glass buildings
• Skyscrapers
• Roofing
• Window and door seals
• Roof-top swimming pools
• Sunken
• Swimming pools (including for swimming pool pump equipment)

Gaskets for the construction industry are typically one-off bespoke parts, or small batch runs. We can supply any number of parts, from one-off to large volumes.

Parts in construction are often used for buttering, mounting, or as environmental sealing.

Environmental Seals For Construction

Environmental seals are typically used to join other materials. such as wood, glass, and metalwork. The quality of these seals is critical to the longevity and quality of the construction, and the long-term look of the finished installation. If the seal fails this can lead to water ingress, mould growth, or rust. For example if a glass balustrade is fitted with a rubber protective washer, the rubber needs to remain in place, unaffected by outside factors. The rubber must not decay, dissolve, crack or become rigid. Also, the overall good performance of the rubber should remain for as long as possible to reduce maintenance and increase the longevity of the complete assembly. To do this, it must: resist temperature fluctuations, sunlight, salt, air pollutants, and chemicals (for instance, the glass will be cleaned with a cleaning fluid).

Seals For Swimming Pools and Surrounding Balustrades

Sealing around swimming pools has the added issue of chlorine, which whilst great for maintaining cleanliness generally wrecks havoc on seals and elastic materials. Silicone rubbers resist the chemical effects of chlorine but are very difficult to stick in place (as they resist adhesives). Maintenance of silicone in a swimming pool environment is also very difficult. EPDM rubber has excellent resistance to chlorine, is available in varying hardness, and is often more easy to maintain.

Pumping and filtration equipment needs to utilise the best polymers, to ensure longevity and performance of the seals. Again, EPDM has excellent resistance to chlorine and is the material we commonly supply in this situation. Viton rubber is used when stronger chlorines are present.

Sealing Between Surfaces Of Different Material

As outlined, in the construction industry sealing is often used between different materials (such as glass to glass, glass to metal, glass to wood). Each of these would require a diifferent seal, with a different adhesive. Gasket tapes and strips are commonly used, and can be supplied in any gasket material width, size, and quantity. Strips with an adhesive backing can meet many sealing requirements. Used predominantly to fill gaps and provide grip or resistance between different layers, the quality of the strip material is critical. The adhesive needs to be compatible with the material, and the rubber specificed to the environment.

    Our Commitment to Quality

    We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and we are certified to:

    • BSI ISO 9001: 2015
    • BSI ISO 14001: 2015

    We hold the ADS SC21 Bronze Award certification for supplying into the defence and aerospace industries.