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New Developments!

At RAM Gaskets we strive to make high quality bespoke gaskets to suit your needs. To keep up with the demands of our customers we have ordered a new machine!

No spoilers yet, but this development is very exciting for us!

There are many reasons we have made this investment, here are just a few:

  • Speed up manufacture of small volume orders.
  • Prototypes and samples can be made faster an on your site sooner.
  • We will be able to increase assistance in R&D of your designs.
  • Suitable for smaller gaskets.
  • There may be opportunities for us to expand our material range.
  • Rigid and thick plastics and thin metal gaskets will increase our offering.

More will be revealed in the upcoming months!


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What’s New at RAM?

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RAM Gaskets

As you may know, RAM Gaskets are a manufacturer of a variety gaskets and seals, from standard pipe gaskets to bespoke gaskets to suit your requirements. All gaskets are available in a range of materials and material thicknesses.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise of our staff and their capability to produce only the highest standard of gaskets and seals. Take a look at the Team, they will share their knowledge and expertise with you to make sure you receive the best advice with your gaskets, gasket design, material choices and any other technical queries you may have.