Gasket Products for Industry

Gaskets Products Overview

Bespoke and Custom Gaskets

We provide a service, manufacturing to our customers’ requirements. We make the gasket that you need, to meet your specifications in the most economical way. We can manufacture from sample, technical drawing, or electronic file. Our production machinery can manufacture straight from your own technical drawing file (such as a CAD or DXF file). The only limitation on our manufacturing process is that it is possible to cut the material required. As a general rule if the material required is flexible in any way, then we can manufacture from it.

Our range of manufacture and capabilities include:

  •  High specification gaskets and seals, as used in the aerospace and defence sector. We hold the ADS SC21 bronze award, and are one to the few gasket manufacturers in the world to supply into the defence and aerospace industries.?
  • Sterile, taint and taste free gaskets, as commonly used in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. These gaskets are commonly made out of nitrile and silicone rubbers; they are extremely inert so as to prevent product contamination.?
  •  Electrical transformer gaskets for oil and gas cooled electrical transformers, and electrical switch gear, used in the electricity supply industry.
  •  Gaskets with high chemical resistance, such as those manufactured from Viton and PTFE, which are typically supplied into the petrochemical industry. If you require gaskets for use with chemicals, oils, or hazardous substances, we can advise you on the best materials to meet your needs.?
  •  High temperature gaskets and seals as used in the oil, gas, and nuclear industries.
  •  A full range of standard pipe gaskets to English (BS EN), American (ASME), or European standards (EN, DIN, ISO). We can also manufacturer gaskets for non-standard pipes or flanges.